Nasti Weather

Nasti Weather

Nasti Weather is the fallen gospel gutter folk creation of East Vancouver’s Anastasia Schlechtleitner. They put on powerful, genuinely heartfelt live shows that manage to bridge the gap between a lively and deeply introspective performance. Nasti Weather is in the eye of the beholder but is consistently marked by uniquely haunting garage jazz vocal stylings and profound yet cheeky lyricism.

Anastasia is deftly capable of drawing audiences close with a gentle croon, but don’t be shocked if you’re blown back by an underbelly howl. Keeping with her story as a creative collaborator, Nasti Weather draws together “The False Predictions” an ever changing cast of some of BC’s most prolific and talented folk musicians, such as members of Red Haven, High Society & The Party on High Street.

An up and coming sensation in the Canadian scene, the band is looking forward to their upcoming release of their Full Length album A Longing Wayside in the spring of 2019.

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