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2023 Workshops

Sing for the Soul

Fri Sept 1st @ Cranberry Hall

7:00 pm ~ by donation (cash only pls)

the della kit - Sing For the Soul

Join The della kit, a voice empowerment specialist, vocal artist, and a soul-driven teacher with a vision for inspiring all people to sing with confidence in her workshop Friday night at Cranberry Hall.

She has performed and taught nationally and internationally for more than a decade. Dee has created a process that inspires her students to experience singing as a powerful tool for healing, transformation and connection.

Sing for the Soul is a unique 90-120-minute workshop that introduces exercises for vocalizing with a holistic approach to breath, body and spirit. Participants will be guided through meditation, stretching, breath work, vocal techniques, tone refinement, and harmonizing.

Sound Healing:
Music as Medicine

Sun Sept 3rd @ Palm Beach

10-11:00 am ~ by donation

Tennyson King - Music as Medicine

Music as medicine for the soul.

Tennyson will guide this workshop using the power of 432 HZ tuned music, binaural beats, Chinese instrumentation, solfeggio healing frequencies, and nature soundscapes to create soothing tones.

The session involves simple breathwork to relax the body and mind, body scans, music and sound journey (instruments & singing).

Tennyson draws from his Chinese ancestry to bring a sound healing and meditation journey to all open minded individuals. Using elements of Qigong breathwork and meditation.

Last Year…

This amazing collection of performers from all over the world came to grace our beachfront stage in 2022, and celebrate a return to social gatherings.

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