Beach Crashers

Beach Crashers

Beach Crashers are a collection of unique musicians that will inspire you with the very same warmth as the fire that created them. The sincerity in their voices and instruments blend like a vivid and colourful horizon. The beating of the drum, the jangling strums, and their weaving voices inspire heartfelt connections and nostalgic memories.

They recreate long forgotten songs, blending them with contemporary hits to craft a repertoire that surprises and appeals. This harmonious beach music will leave you with a song in your heart long after dusting the sand from your shoes.

“Beach Crashers bring a tidal wave to the dance floor! Their incredible energy and charisma gets the crowd moving from the first song, and their refreshingly diverse set of songs captivate the dance floor until the very end. They perform with so much fun and ease, and are a complete joy to experience.”
~ Emily Twomey (BIG UPS Productions)

“Beach Crashers are absolutely amazing, their voices blend with their instruments, and it’s truly divine! At the Powtown Shakedown Music Festival as well as the Powtown Volunteer party shortly after, they sent us all dancing to the soulful touch and vibrant energy they exhibit in their musical styling… much recommended!”
~ Lando Taves (Artistic Director, Powtown Shakedown Music Festival)

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